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MedLink SEO

MedLink Prescription Advocates faces some pretty stiff competition. The major phrases used for companies of this type return many, many results. MedLink needed to fine tune their approach to go for faster results.

Working closely with the client, we identified the competition and keywords and key phrases that could show Page 1 and Page 2 results more easily. From there we created and implemented an attack plan utilizing those keywords and phrases throughout the website. 

After a couple weeks and running rank reports, the client began to see results with a good number of terms falling between pages 1 and 8.  We then knew which words we could get to rank well with a bit more effort and saw results on most all terms.

We then trained the client on how to do this themselves for other keywords. We identified other keywords that may show faster results and the client went to work. Again, many of the terms used began ranking well.

Today, they are still adding new phrases and maintaining existing phrases with occasional help.

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